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Lucky11 | Why Wagering is Required In Online Casino

Online casinos are multi-billion worth of industry. Since a lot of money is involved in this industry, the government has implemented a lot of strict rules to avoid any misconduct of money in online casinos. Lucky11 online casino has complied with the Indian government's gambling rules and has imposed wagering requirements for the bonus money that has been provided for the gamblers as per the law of the Indian government.

What is Wagering

Wagering requirements exist for one simple reason, to help regulate a once wild and lawless environment when iGaming was in its infancy. When online casinos first appeared on the internet in the early 1990s, players congregated in private forums. Discuss which operators offer generous bonuses to players that can easily be abused to give players money quickly and easily.

Except for a weird line or two hidden deep in the Terms of Service that hardly anyone bothered to read, which obviously didn't fit well at all. Players began to realize that they were essentially depositing money into an online casino only to never see it again due to incredibly high and well-hidden wagering requirements. In the end regulators and the government had to step in and the 98 7 Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act 2014 was introduced which basically forced casinos to be more transparent toward potential customers, in the end, it was found as a happy medium for all parties involved.

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