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Lucky11 | 2 Unorthodox Gambling Strategies to Win Big

2 Unorthodox Gambling Strategies to Win Big
2 Unorthodox Gambling Strategies to Win Big

Gamblers' goals are as varied as their earbuds. Many gamblers lose money to have fun. Some want small incremental wins over a long period; others want free drinks. If you're entertained, you can't go wrong. I often encounter gamblers aiming to double their bankroll. Gamblers interpret this differently. In Lucky11 online casino with only rs200, you can walk away with rs20 000 if you play it big.

Doubling our money would look different for everyone.

Here are the 2 unorthodox gambling strategies that could double your winnings. Several of these gambling methods aren't as exciting as others.


It's maximum boldness because you bet everything. Everyone wants to double their casino winnings, offline or online. Every casino game favors the house. This is true unless card counters have a slight mathematical edge or video poker players combine optimal play with slots club rebates.

Due to this edge, doubling up requires maximum boldness. Due to the edge, you'll lose it all anyway. If you're a card counter or have found a way to exploit casinos, bravo.

You know that minimum boldness helps you.

Let's examine why the counterintuitive maximum boldness strategy is best.

I've already explained how every game has a negative expectation. This means longer sessions lead to longer-term results. Since you'll lose your bankroll, get in and out quickly.

You must be determined to double your winnings through boldness. This gambling strategy is gross.

One Swing, Two Wins

Most casino gamblers want more than doubling their money on 1 bet.

Most gamblers bet as much as possible.

Huge bets and chip pushing Some dreamers try to make a living betting. Advantage gamblers are them. Elite players include poker pros, card counters, and sports gamblers. All have a measurable advantage over opponents. Whether it's over other players or the house depends on the game. By taking 1 big shot, you turn randomness to your advantage. If you can gain a small edge over the house, your focus shifts to the long game. In the long run, you can exploit the house by using your edge repeatedly.

You can't lose everything first.

Card counters have a 1-percent edge over the house. Your odds of winning a hand are below 50%. The 3 to 2 blackjack payout gives you an advantage. If you bet your entire bankroll on 1 hand, you could go broke. Advantage bettors usually bet 1%-2% of their bankroll. They keep betting the same percentage, but their bankroll and edge over the casino grow.

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