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Lucky11 | Gonzo's Treasure Hunt Online Casino Games

Lucky11 Gonzo's Treasure Hunt
Gonzo's Treasure Hunt

Lucky11 online casino brings you the Gonzo Treasure Hunt gambling game. Gonzo's Treasure Hunt is an exciting game full of unexpected prizes. Join Gonzo, the Spanish explorer, in search of the lost treasures of the city of El Dorado. There will be 70 stones will be displayed and you have to find the hidden treasure stones.

Game Rules

The rules of this game are simple, you have to place bets on one or more treasure stones.

The stones on the wall will be displayed in matching colors. Select the number of picks (1-20) you would like to make to find your stones once the wall is hidden. The total bet will be the number of selected picks multiplied by the total value of all your placed bets on treasure stones.

After you have placed your bets and selected your number of picks, all the stones on the wall are shuffled and the values hidden. Now is the time to hunt your treasures by picking stones from the wall. The timer will start counting and you can make as many picks as you have selected. You can move any of your selections by clicking/tapping on it and dragging it to a different stone. If the time is up you have to not make all the selected picks, the remaining picks will be made randomly for you. Join Lucky11 now to participate in Gonzo's treasure hunt.


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