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Lucky11|T20 World Cup: NZ Vs Afghanistan Today!

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Indian Betting Sites

Lucky11 cricket betting dotcom has compiled the T20 cricket betting formula!

Today's exciting match between Afghanistan and New Zealand will decide India's chances to appear in the semi-finals of the ongoing World Cup T20. The match will be held in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium of Abu Dhabi today from 3:30 PM. The match will have a huge impact on the group 2 performance as the entry to the semis will be changed entirely.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has already secured its place in the top 4 for appearing in the semis, if Afghanistan wins today, India, NZ, and Afghanistan, all will qualify for the semi-finals.

Confusing equation, today's match will decide the fate

It isn't as easy as it seems to be, and the equation is quite complicated.

But the situation is easy for the Kiwis. If New Zealand defeats Afghanistan today then they will simply qualify for the semi-finals. And in this case, both India and Afghanistan will be thrown out of the T20 World Cup trophy chase. But if Afghanistan wins the match today, the hopes will rise again for itself and India and hence, New Zealand will be knocked out!

Afghanistan's win will simply mean that only India or them would be able to finish in the top 2 of Group 2 with Pakistan. The entire scenario is based on Net Run Rate (NRR) and the qualification to the semi-finals depends only on it. All the predictions are made on an assumption that India will beat Namibia on Monday.

Afghanistan's points will increase by 6 points, and NRR will also increase if they beat New Zealand today. India, however, is proud of the NRR of + 1.619 at the moment, leading the group. If Afghanistan can win on Sunday, India could reach the semi-finals if they beat Namibia the next day and be able to maintain an NRR higher than Afghanistan. India started the tournament on a bad note, with Virat Kohli's team losing to Pakistan and New Zealand in a series of matches.



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