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Lucky11 Sports Betting|T20 World Cup: India Vs. Pakistan!

Lucky11 cricket strategies
Lucky11 cricket strategies

The cricket game fanbase is all set to experience a fierce faceoff between India Vs. Pakistan in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. The T20 World Cup has started already after a long wait due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IPL caused some viewership fatigue, but the India Vs. Pakistan match has become one of the box-office hits for Lucky11 cricket betting enthusiasts.

The real T20 World Cup begins on Saturday, as the qualification phase is over, with Australia and South Africa facing each other. But the real deal is Sunday's match! India Vs. Pakistan has always been more of a patriotic sentimental match rather than an ordinary cricket match. With that being said, people are happily buying match tickets worth AED 2,400 ( Rs. 49,000).

At the world-famous Dubai Expo, India and Pakistan do not sit on a jowl but sit close by. India's neighbor in Italy, while the Pakistani tent faces Indonesia. There is no conflict at all. Pakistanis line up to see Indian art, culture, and science. Keralite was seen asking a security guard about the Pakistani stadium route. Cricket, however, is a different football game.

India Vs. Pakistan: Top 3 players to watch out

The T20 World Cup is back with its 7th edition and taking place in UAE and Oman. India Vs. Pakistan, the much-awaited match, is going to happen on Sunday. The cricket fans can't keep their calm, and nor do we! The T20 is the first international cricket tournament played since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here we present you the top 3 players to watch out for ahead of India Vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup!

1. Virat Kohli

The Indian cricket team captain and skipper, Virat Kohli, is playing his last T20 as captain. Kohli has already played some sensational innings and has scored highs in his tenure. He has even won many "player of the tournament" awards in his cricket timeline. The player has a strike rate of 86.33 and has scored 777 runs in merely 16 matches!

2. Babar Azam

Pakistan captain Azam is the second-fastest runner in the 2000 ODI runs and is the second-fastest runner on the list for up to 1000 runs in the T20I. Ever since Azam joined the Pakistani club, he is the team's top scorer. He has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulder, but the captain is confident he will win India and aim to win his second title after 2009.

3. Jasprit Bumrah

The second fastest wicket-taker, and one of the fastest bowlers of the Indian cricket team, Jasprit Bumrah is surely the player to watch out for. Moreover, his fast bowling skills have helped India to win several significant matches.



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