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Lucky11 | The technology behind Online Roulette Games 

Lucky11 | The technology behind Online Roulette Games d
Lucky11 | The technology behind Online Roulette Games 

The timeless gambling gameRoulette’ has seen many changes over the periods of time. The technological advancements bring positive and impactful impacts on the casino industry like the shift from land-based casinos to online platforms offering the same services. However, these changes do not affect the popularity of this game and it still remains the same because of its elements of chance and unmatchable simplicity. This quality makes it suitable for both experienced and beginners as well. Its online presence increases tremendously but what makes this game different from other games? Let’s discuss the technical aspects of this game one by one. 

There is a difference between the technology used for Lucky11 live roulette and standard roulette.


Roulette uses the random number generator algorithm to make maintain the fairness of the game. It uses a complex replication system too. This almost replicates the one in an offline casino. Online roulette follows the same factors to get the ball to land as randomly as possible. However, it requires updates on a daily basis to make sure it’s smooth working. 

OCR Software

After the huge success in data processing industries Optical character recognition software is widely used in the gambling industry.OCR components are used to keep track of the cards and the numbers. It first decodes the action of the dealer and processes it. This advanced software improves the gameplay and provides the quick result. 

Game Control Unit

The GCU is a program that maintains the working of online live games. It combines all everything together that encodes data from the game and displays it on the screen. It provides a clear vision of the game without any delay.

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