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Lucky11 Online Casino: A Growing Industry!

Trusted Casino Online
Trusted Casino Online

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the growth of online casinos by several folds. Before the arrival of the pandemic, there were a lot of restrictions on these gambling games. that forced the players to not indulge fully in these games. However, as the people were locked up inside their homes due to the quarantine situation going around the whole world, they had limited sources of entertainment. One of which was the Lucky11 online casinos.

The gambling site websites are adapting themselves in such a manner that it has become customer-friendly. The websites are now running more smoothly than ever with millions of people reaching their sites daily. The companies are also offering various bonuses and rewards to their customers which is making their website's session length increase.

2020 Statistics Of the Online Gambling Industry

In the year 2020, when the world was busy struggling with the deadly COVID-10 pandemic (which is still severe in many parts of the world), nearly 27% of the people were busy exploring online casino games. Moreover, 5% of the people still do gambling on an annual basis. The United Kingdom constitutes nearly 17% of such gamblers, taking the toll on the highest number of players coming from any country.

According to the same reports, the GGY for the United Kingdom was nearly 5.9 Euros. But this increasing trend is not only true for the European countries. According to some reports, the United State Of America has witnessed a surge of 225% in the new players being introduced to the online casinos. Factors such as bonuses, easier gambling laws, and convenience have made online casinos a huge success.



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