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Lucky11| Cricket Super Star Returns To IPL 2022 as Commentators!

New Commentators
New Commentators

Lucky11 Sports Betting team brings you the latest updates on IPL2022 season info.

Many fans were disappointed after former CSK batsmen Suresh Raina was not selected in any team during the IPL 2022 auction. But glad tidings! Suresh Raina is all set to accompany Ravi Shastri as a commentator in the upcoming IPL season.

This is the first time Raina remained unsold in any IPL auctions. Moreover, the player was not even considered to be the replacement for any team as many speculations of players exiting are going around.

Similarly, Ravi Shastri didn't continue as the coach for the Indian team after last year's T20 World Cup. However, he was approached as the coach by 2 prominent IPL teams but didn't sign up as the coach for either of them.

Nevertheless, both Raina and Shastri are set to make their comeback as the commentators for IPL 2022. Both will be doing their commentaries in the Hindi language which will be exciting for cricket lovers!

"You all know that Raina will not be part of the IPL in this but we definitely wanted to include her in the tournament. He has a lot of fans who follow him and there is a reason why he is known as Mr IPL. As for Shastri, he was part of the Star Sports English commentary team. But he did not comment after the 2017 Champions Trophy final as he became India's head coach," an IPL source told Jagran.

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