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Lucky11| IPL 2022: The New Captain of CSK - Cricket Forum!

New Captain
New Captain

Want to make a profit in cricket gambling? Betting tips and cricket analysis are essential. Lucky11 Cricket betting team brings you the latest updates 0n the latest series of speculations revolving around IPL 2022.

Ravindra Jadeja has been appointed as the new captain of Chennai Super Kings, replacing MS Dhoni. Dhoni was leading the team since 2008, ever since CSK was in the league, ignoring two years when the team was banned for fixing. The player has recently said that Dhoni will be a part of the team regardless of his captaincy status.

Kasi Viswanathan, CEO of CSK has recently said that Jadeja is the right choice after Dhoni for captaincy and his efforts can make the time shine brighter. Moreover, he has also mentioned that Jadeja is ready and well-prepared to do captaincy.

"Dhoni was thinking about it," Viswanathan said. "He saw it as the right time to give Jaddu [Jadeja] the captaincy. He feels like Jaddu is also at the forefront of his career and the right time to lead CSK. What will be good about the franchise should be [behind] his mind."

Viswanathan thought Dhoni was waiting for the right moment, as he did when he handed over the reins of the Indian party to Virat Kohli. "It was the same when he offered Virat the position of captain after coaching him for a few years at the international level. Similarly, he wanted the change to go smoothly."

Viswanathan added that the franchise has great confidence in Jadeja's leadership. "Jaddu has the potential to do well in the franchise," he said.


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