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Lucky11|The Ultimate Factor for Online Casino's Popularity!

Live Casino Online
Live Casino Online

Ever since the popularity of smartphones increased in India, online casinos saw a huge gain. The prices of smartphones and data prices decreased significantly. There are currently more than 600 million smartphones in India, and every year 25 million smartphones are added to the list.

Since the introduction of Jio, Indians have had more access to the internet due to their affordable rates. Moreover, Indians have ruled over the usage of mobile data records as an average Indian spends more than 12GB a month! Lucky11 mobile application uses less data compared to other casino sites.

Online Casinos have become mainstream!

All thanks to the growing internet demand and popularity. According to search engine data, about 4,500 people were searching for "online casinos" every month on Google back in 2019. That number has since increased to more than 8,000 monthly searches by 2022. Almost a 100% increase in just a few years! The main reason why the popularity of online casino apps in India is increasing is the availability of the internet and smartphones - the so-called mobile revolution.

Now that people are slowly getting over Television, what else do they have to do in their free time? Since online casinos have become accessible easily, just by a click, people are more inclined towards it for their time pass.

Websites like Lucky11 provide a perfect platform for gamblers which has multiple games such as sports betting, live casino games, and also slot games. To those who wish to earn a huge amount by simply playing games on their phones, Lucky11 would be a perfect choice because it has easy withdrawal and deposit methods. Players have to a simple KYC process to make the withdrawal process to goes smoothly. So join them now! Click on the WhatsApp.


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