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Lucky11| The Growing Legacy Of Sports Betting In India!

Most Trusted Betting Sites
Most Trusted Betting Sites

Cricket is one of the most beloved games in India, and its fandom never seems to die. Several Indians are indulged in sports betting and online casinos as it helps them to spend their spare time and earn money.

Hence, cricket and gambling go along very well in India. There are several websites and apps available that provide a gateway for online sports betting and gambling betting. Lucky11 is one such website that includes several sports betting and casino games all in one place! No need to navigate between different websites to gamble. Lucky11 has simple deposit and payment methods and a reliable KYC authentication so that your money is safe.

The Growing Popularity of Online Sports Betting

The primary reason cricket betting is popular in India is its love for cricket and gambling. Moreover, many Indians find betting convenient and reliable. Online bookies provide a chance to bet anytime, anywhere. One can even bet on odds without any hassle or tension.

Apart from this, the number of online people in India is also growing. 1.38 billion is the total Indian population. The majority of people, more than half are almost online every time. Statista reported that as of 2020, India has more than 749 million internet users and we should also point out that 744 million of these people access the internet via mobile phones. The growth in mobile usage is affecting how many people already have access to the internet in the country. Smartphones are very affordable but powerful.

Several international bookies already see a potential in India growing to be one of the most popular sports betting countries. For that reason, several online websites have started to accept deposits in Rupees. However, sports betting is not fully legal in India, so play at your own risk. Contact our friendly customer service agent for more information, click on the WhatsApp icon for more information.


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