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Best Way To Pass KYC at Lucky11 Online Casino Betting!

Best Casino Games For Beginners
Best Casino Games For Beginners

KYC is a necessary procedure in online casinos in India. The second step of the KYC process is the verification of the direction for which players are required to provide their ID proof and a passbook that shows the same name as on their identification card. Let's face it, not all players (to put it mildly) will end up making a profit, so a good chunk of players will be exempt from passing KYC.

The best way to pass KYC is to download the ID(Adhar card or pan card) before playing for real money. Here is an example of how to upload the photos to pass the KYC in Lucky11 gambling sites. Click on the photo for registration.

A good rule of thumb is to download all documents before depositing real money. Why? If you are lucky enough to win, the payout will go smoothly.

Also, there are hundreds of casinos, let's call them semi-scams. They won't steal your money right away, but they will try to find excuses to confiscate your funds. Their most common tactic is to say something is wrong with your documents.

For this reason, you must verify and approve your account before placing any real money bets. Don't become easy fruit for them (obviously it's better not to play at these casinos, but sometimes it's hard to tell which one is legit and which one isn't)!

Of course, verifying your account early won't protect you from fraudulent casinos, but it does come in handy when dealing with so-called opportunistic casinos.

Advice. Contact the casino support team (send via email or live chat) and ask them for the full package of documents they want you to provide. It's a good idea to take screenshots of your messages. This way you have solid evidence in case you need to file a complaint with the Gambling Commission.

KYC in Lucky11 should be done before the first deposit to make sure the withdrawal process goes smoothly.


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