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Alert!! Latest Promotion in Lucky11 Online Casino

Lucky11 new promotion bonus
10% cashback

Lucky11 online casino no more needs an introduction to all the gamblers n India. Lucky11 has a lot of promotions for the new gamblers. Those who register and sign up will receive deposit bonuses for the games they choose. Sports betting promotion has 50% cashback on the first deposit, for live casino games, gamblers will receive 100% cash back on the first deposit and also 100% cashback for slot games.

10% Cash Back For Every Deposit

The latest promotion in Lucky11 is 10% cashback on every deposit. The promotion starts on 1 May and the deadline will be announced. The minimum deposit is 200₹ and the bonus they will receive is 20₹. The bonus amount will be exposed to 25* wagering, which means 20₹ * 25 + 200 deposit amount which will have the accumulated amount of 700₹ to be played before making any withdrawal.

Each gambler can claim a 10,000₹ bonus amount, and the number of times they can claim is unlimited till they reach 10,ooo₹. The most important rule of this promotion is the gamblers must notify the customer service team after deposit. The gambler must wait for the bonus amount to be credited before starting gambling. If they start playing before receiving the bonus amount, the promotion will be forfeited. For more information about this promotion please do not hesitate to contact Lucky11 customer care.

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