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Lucky11| IPL2022 A Test For All Indian Players

IPL2022 A Test For All Indian Players
IPL2022 A Test For All Indian Players

Indian cricket betting has always been a popular gambling game, Luck11 sports betting brings you the latest IPL2022 news.

Expanding the IPL to a 10-team event will test the quality of the tournament. Fluctuating auction prices for certain skills were the first indicator of the demand-supply challenges, as teams chased the same pool of players instead of looking for new ones. Possibility of frequent one-sided games, as happened a decade ago during the 2011 season when the IPL included 10 teams for the first time.

If that happens, it could affect the narrative surrounding the final days of the league phase. Since 2016, playoff spots are only confirmed after the last game of the league phase. Can the 10team IPL keep up this trend? Some pundits would like the IPL to allow teams to field five foreign players to keep their competitive nature alive, but that might not necessarily work.

Take this auction for example. Lucknow Super Giants, Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals have not even managed to meet their quota of eight places overseas. Then there is the problem of availability, with several foreign players missing out on the first games for their teams. One benefit of additional teams is that it offers opportunities to several more Indian players, especially those who are uncapped. While the youth will be excited, their franchises will remain eager and hopeful that they can develop their talent and withstand the pressures of the IPL.

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