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Lucky11|India Vs Pakistan T20 Crossed 167 Million Views!

Lucky11 cricket forum has compiled the T20 gambling analysis!

India Vs. Pakistan is surely one of the most anticipated cricket match clashes of all time! The match had more of a patriotic approach and was viewed not by just Indian and Pakistan cricket betting games fans, but by everyone all over the world. The recent India Vs. Pakistan match was held on 24th October 2021, wherein India tasted a nasty defeat. Moreover, the internet was flooded with memes and posts that showed the people's love for this match.

India's poor form led to this defeat that became one of the reasons for the team's exit. However, Pakistan's performance has been good so far, and the team is currently ruling in group 2!

India Vs. Pakistan match viewed by millions of people!

India Vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup match held on 24th October became one of the most viewed cricket matches across the world! The match garnered a viewership of 167 million people! This massive figure is all due to the huge fan following of cricket by both Indian and Pakistan fans.

Overall, this year's T20 World Cup has managed to reach 238 million people till last week. The first two games and 12 super 12 stages have managed to reach this figure, said Star India in a release. It seems like the viewers love to watch India Vs. Pakistan, as India Vs. Pakistan T20 match held in 2016 also got more than 136 million views!

A Star India spokesperson said in an interview, "This match between India Vs. Pakistan on 24th October created history by reaching more than 167 million people! We hope to reach more people from the next event."

As Pakistan advanced to the semi-finals, India withdrew from the tournament on Monday. "The results were unexpected since Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets, and this contributed it to kick out of the semi-finals, but the recorded views show the unique power of cricket to unite the spectators at an unprecedented level," a spokesman added.



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