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India Continues To Rule In The Online Casino Market In 2022!

India Gambling Site
India Gambling Site

Even though India's government is stumbling to manage the gambling rules in the country, the recent data shows a promising future for online casinos. India has become one of the largest unregulated gambling countries across the globe.

With sports betting continuing to flourish in the country, the gambling industry is set to expand at exponentially high rates. The international gambling websites are making more profits with the Indian audience, hence they are relying more on them. Lucky11 is a brand new online casino that has been launched in India.

The Indian States With Highest Online Casino Players

India has successfully managed to retain the top position in the world's online casino statistics data. Millions of people participate in these online casino games every day. Some data also depicts that the casino market will grow 22% each year. The top 6 cities constitute more than 60% of the players. Maharashtra accounts for the maximum number of casino players where 20% of players indulge in gambling daily. The top states that constitute the most number of casino players are Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, and so on.

The high rate of online gambling in these provinces is also related to the population, which is very high in the most mentioned provinces. Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka are the most populous provinces in India. Many of those states now face a growing population that has increased access to mobile phones and the internet and opted for online gambling as a hobby.



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