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Lucky11|Glad Tidings! Two New IPL Teams To Be Announced Today!

Lucky11 IPL Online Betting
Lucky11 IPL Online Betting

The buzz among Lucky11 cricket betting fans is growing profound every day! With exciting matches and happenings going around, how can we keep ourselves calm? As if the T20 World Cup match between India Vs. Pakistan wasn't the only exciting affair yesterday night, we already have news happening around us.

There were a lot of investors along with a dedicated plan, and their IPL franchise was busy building a new investment chapter also! So, in short, we have two new IPL teams coming up this Monday! At 11 am on Monday, closed bids will be sent in front of BCCI office staff in Dubai, and people officially nominated by their companies/consortiums to represent them in bidding will enter the room where bids will be held open. During the day, the IPL will have two new teams, expanding the league from eight to 10.

Adani and Torrent Group- Possible bidders

According to the sources, Adani group or Ahmedabad's Torrent Group will be submitting their request for the team. But do keep in mind that the bids will be submitted by either of the groups, not both. Some speculations are going around that the two teams might come together also.

Jindal steel and power industries owner, Naveen Jindal is also looking to buy a franchise. The 51-year-old businessman, who is also a Member of Parliament, has been instructed to travel to the province of Odisha to work with the government led by Naveen Patnaik to find a franchise in Cuttack. If Jindal manages to apply for a win, sources say: "the Odisha government will wholeheartedly restore its right to trade in Odisha as it has supported all other games for the past several years" including Indian hockey.

For the IPL teams, we have Ahmedabad, Cuttack, Lucknow, Guwahati, and Indore as contenders. BCCI will review each of the teams closely, and if all the conditions are satisfied, then the winners will be announced. "Anyone who comes to the bidding table will expect to know the number of all other bidders, regardless of where they win," said the tracking system.



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