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Lucky11 | All About Online Gambling Terms

Lucky11 All About Online Gambling Terms
All About Online Gambling Terms

The best way to determine which casino games give gamblers the best odds is to look at the house edge. We must examine other widely used gambling concepts, like the payout ratio and game odds, in order to comprehend the house advantage. The house edge and hold are calculated by combining these factors.

What exactly do these words mean? For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with them, Lucky11 online casino experts have included each one below along with illustrations of how it is computed.


The amount of money that will be awarded upon a victory, as compared to your initial wager, is known as the payout ratio, which is frequently referred to as the payout. As an illustration, a gaming event might pay off 5:1. This implies that a successful wager of $1 would net a profit of $5 for a total payment of $6.

The payout ratio can be used to determine any wager's potential profit using the following formula:

Profit equals [(a + b) x bet]. - bet, with a payoff ratio of a:b

Percentage of wins

The odds of winning are the same thing as the victory rate, which is typically expressed as a fraction or percentage. For instance, there are 36 possible possibilities when playing craps, which uses two dice. Six of these combinations would result in a seven, giving a 6/36 or 16.67% probability of winning when placing a bet on a seven.

*Take note that the chances do not alter based on past results; they are a fixed mathematical certainty. The Gambler's Fallacy, a well-known gambling theory, contends that the likelihood of a predicted outcome occurring in the future is higher than it is at present. This is untrue; each turn is a distinct circumstance.

House Edge

The best way to determine the chances of the entire game is to look at the house edge, which is the casino's advantage. When calculating the house edge, both payout and win rate are taken into consideration. Using an example is the most straightforward method to explain it.

In single-zero roulette, the wheel has 37 slots total—36 numbered slots, one green slot, and one empty space. What gives the casino its advantage is the green slot. The following formula is used to calculate the payout ratio:

36/n, where n represents the winning numbers.

For instance, placing a wager on the numbers 1 to 12 means that there are 12 possible winning combinations; n = 12. The payout ratio is 3:1 and is computed as 36/12 = 3.

The projected return is the next step you take. The expected return is just 36/37, however the following formula can be used to apply it to each wager:

The average return is equal to either (n/37) x (payout) or (n/37) x (36/n).

The average return is never larger than 1, in this instance 36/37, or 0.973, as long as n is greater than 0 (remember, n = numbers that characterize a victory). In roulette, this remains constant regardless of the wager, but in casino games like craps, it may vary depending on the wager. We payout 97.3% may be written on various online gambling and casino websites. The average return is meant by this.

When calculating the house advantage, the average return is subtracted by 1. For instance, the house edge in single-zero roulette is 1 - 0.973 = 0.027 x 100% = 2.7%. This means that the casino will typically keep $2.70 of every $100 wagered on roulette.


The hold, sometimes known as the hold percentage, and the house edge are frequently mistaken terms. The hold represents the typical portion of a player's initial bet that the casino retains. For instance, even though single-zero roulette has a 2.7% house edge, a normal hold may be as high as 12.8%.

If a player brought $100 to the table and the hold percentage was 12.8%, the casino would keep $12.80. According to the 12.8% hold, the individual placed five bets totaling $100 [100% - (100% - 2.7%)5 = 12.8%]. The hold accounts for the payout, odds, and house edge to indicate the casino's true profit.

These concepts may be difficult to understand, but they clearly show how both online casinos and physical casinos have an advantage. One thing we do notice is that some of the finest online gaming sites have slots with greater payout percentages since they have fewer operating costs. Table games, on the other hand, feature set house edges that, no matter the tactic, cannot be erased. Please remember this and play responsibly at all times.

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