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Lucky11 | What Is Dragon Tiger Online Casino Game

Lucky11 Dragon Tiger
Lucky11 Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is one of the Lucky11 online casino games and it is also a variant of baccarat and probably one of the easiest online casino games to gamble in a live casino. In a game of Dragon and Tiger, two hands are dealt: the dragon hand and the tiger hand. The player bets on whether the tiger hand or the dragon hand will have the higher total. The aim of the game is for the banker to draw a card so that the dragon and tiger fight for the point. As with all live casino games, you can choose where to play. There is also a choice of software providers and each has an aspect of its game that is different from the rest.

How To Play Dragon Tiger

Dragon tiger is usually played with 8 decks shuffled together. An ace is considered as 1, kings are 13, queens are 12, and jacks are 11 and follow as the number. There are only 4 different bets that can be placed which are dragon and tiger and the winning odds are 1:1, for a tie, the winning odds are 11:1, and for a suited tie it is 50:1.

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