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Lucky11 | Why Do Casinos Change Their Dealers?

Dealer Change
Dealer Change

We'll refute the reason why Lucky11 live casino rotates dealers so you can win more games. You may not be aware, but live casino dealer rotation is a tactic used to maintain the house's advantage. This practice is particularly prevalent among blackjack dealers, as their earnings are closely related to those of the casino. Casinos frequently replace croupiers and dealers to prevent collusion between dealers and gamblers or a dealer "rigging" the game. Baccarat and dragon tiger are more susceptible to this type of cheating than other casino games.

Reason For Casino Dealer Rotation

Dealers deal the cards in a casino and make sure that everyone plays by the rules. In games played at home, dealers often join the group of people at the table. If you've ever played Blackjack or another table game in a casino, you may have noticed that the dealers move around. After 20 minutes of playing Blackjack, the dealers usually move to a different table or take a break. Or he could ask for someone to fill up his water bottle. The people who work at casinos have a lot to do.

Giving Dealer a Break

One main reason for the changes is to give the dealers a chance to clear their minds. A mind that has had time to rest is more alert and can weigh the odds better. The same way a casino trains its dealers to make sure they win, the players should also be ready to win. You may want to think twice before playing when you are tired or busy. Also, drinking too much isn't a good idea when you're playing a game. These things make it hard to make good decisions, which is the best way to lose. Before going to the casino, wait for the best time and conditions.

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