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How Cricket Betting Works In Lucky11 Online Casino

Lucky11 SportsBook
Sports Betting In Lucky11

Cricket is the world's second most-watched game after soccer. In Lucky11 Online Casino cricket betting is one of the most popular gambling games. There are so many popular ways to bet on a cricket match. Let's dive deep into the most popular cricket betting ways which are available in Lucky11. In today's article, we are going to talk SabaSports sportsbook cricket betting.

The most popular betting is match-winner and toss-winner. There will be odds provided for the match and toss for both teams and all you have to do is press the odds and place the bet amount and place your bets. Once you enter the amount the winning amount will be shown in the payout column.

Cricket betting page
Cricket Betting

Match Winning Bet

This is an example of match-winning betting. For the 500₹ bet amount the payout is 935 ₹, and the profit is 435₹.

Match Winner Betting Slip
Match Winner

Toss Winning Bet

This is an example of toss-winning betting. For the 500₹ bet amount the payout is 975₹, and the profit is 475₹.

Toss winner betting slip
Toss Winner
Home And Away

In some sportsbooks, they will never mention the team name they will simply identify them as home and away. The home team will be the team on the left and the away team will be on the right. In the below picture, the home team is Rajasthan Royals(RR) and the away team is Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR).

Home is RR, Away is KKR
Home is RR, Away is KKR

Back and Lay Betting

For beginners, there is an easy option to place bets for match winner and toss winner which where you can find in the fancy betting option. The back means the team will win and for the lay option, it means the team will lose. All the odds will always change when the match starts in this fancy bet since it's a live game.

Fancy betting slip
Fancy Bet

The odds will be different for all the games. There are also bets for top bowlers, top batsman, total home away runs, under and over, inning runs, and much more. If you want to know more about cricket betting, feel free to contact our customer service agent. In Lucky11 there are also SBOBETS and BTi sports where you can play cricket betting, we will look into the other sportsbook in the following articles.

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