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Lucky11 | Win More Often With This 11 Craps Tips

Although playing craps may appear like a straightforward activity, it has had a long evolution that began with an English game called "hazard" in the 14th century. Since then, it has gone through a number of iterations, with the present iteration arriving in the United States (through New Orleans) in the first part of the 19th century. It currently ranks with gambling juggernauts like blackjack and roulette as one of the most popular online casino games in Lucky11.

Craps in many ways personify the pastime of casino gaming. It not only incorporates a visually appealing feature that is sure to draw players, but it also offers the chance for significant wins against long odds. Even more crucially, individuals who bother to look will discover a few betting options that rank among the best at any brick-and-mortar or online establishment.

The virtual version of the game may nonetheless keep participants entertained for hours even though it lacks the flair of its land-based counterpart. If you're considering trying the online version, be sure to carefully review my 12 craps-winning strategies. Even while these tips might not guarantee a payoff on every roll, I'm convinced that your general performance will improve.


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  1. Use the chat option.

  2. Sort of, practice makes perfect

  3. Steer clear of prop bets

  4. Don't stress over bonuses

  5. Disregard Dice Control

  6. Pay attention to having fun

  7. Play the Pass Line with Free Odds

  8. Try placing six- or eight-point wagers.

  9. Place the numbers 6 and 8

  10. Recognize when to leave.


Use the chat option.

Craps is a social game when played in a physical location; this aspect is greatly diminished when played online. It doesn't have to be completely lacking in interaction, though; some craps tables permit multiple players and even provide a chat feature. Use this choice as often as you can to simulate the thrill of playing craps in a physical casino.

Sort of, practice makes perfect

Playing a free game of craps will help you have a better sense of the betting alternatives, but no amount of practice will help you roll sevens consistently. You can place the same bets as a paying customer through these services, which are widely available online. Spending too much time here would only waste-free bets that you could have used to increase your bankroll at the casino.

Steer clear of prop bets

Although proposition bets have the worst odds at the table, they are settled with a single roll of the dice. The house advantage, which varies from 11.1% to 16.67%, more than makes up for the attractiveness of their big payouts. When you're prepared to place a bet, disregard these possibilities and search for something else.

Don't stress over bonuses

The majority of casinos provide a sign-up bonus to entice new patrons to create an account, but gamers of craps shouldn't be concerned about this benefit. Craps typically contributes 0% toward fulfilling the wagering requirements for sign-up bonuses, which must be met before the bonus can be withdrawn.

Disregard Dice Control

Some gamblers in physical casinos insist they have control over the dice's roll. There is no need in worrying about this assertion at a virtual establishment even though it is debatable. The roll won't be affected by how you click the buttons, no matter what.

Pay attention to having fun

You're playing craps for the wrong reasons if you're expecting to consistently turn a profit. The main goal should be to have fun, with any rewards being seen as the cherry on top. Try to enjoy the thrill of each roll, and if you ever feel that playing craps is becoming tedious, don't be afraid to switch to another game.

Play the Pass Line with Free Odds

The player is free to increase their pass line wager after the point has been established by "taking the odds." These bets have the strongest payouts in the casino because they pay out at actual odds (2 to 1, 3 to 2, and 6 to 5), which eliminates the house advantage. The house multiple, which typically runs from 5x to 100x, dictates how much you can increase your wager. Naturally, it is always preferable to pick a casino with a higher multiple.

Try placing six- or eight-point wagers.

The bettor wagers that a 6 or an 8 will appear before a 7. This bet pays 7 to 6 ($7 payout on a $6 bet), while the house edge is a respectable 1.52%. This is the wager to concentrate on if you're seeking for a reliable craps wager that isn't a pass or doesn't pass.

Place the numbers 6 and 8

The player is making a bet that the 7 will be rolled before a 6 or an 8. The odds of the 7 appearing on any roll are 16.67%, while those of the 6 and 8 are both 13.89%. Although there isn't much room for error, the 5 to 6 reward makes this my favorite lay bet.

Recognize when to leave.

No matter how gracious Lady Luck has been during a session, sooner or later she's going to turn her back on you. Try to develop a sort of sixth feeling about the game's flow if you want to log out on a high note. Never be hesitant to call it a night and go with your winnings when you sense that the tide is starting to turn against you.

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