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Lucky11 | How to Play Craps: Rules for Beginners

:Lucky11 How to Play Craps
How to Play Craps

Craps rules help Lucky11 online casino gamblers win. After learning the basics of craps, you can win at online gambling like anyone else. In Online Craps, you bet on the dice's numbers. You lose your wager, win a certain amount based on the risk of your bet, or nothing happens and the dice are rolled again. Bets and rolled numbers determine the outcome.


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Dice Predictions?

You can't predict dice numbers, unlike illegal card games. Rolling the dice 36 times should produce all number combinations. Predicting the dice based on previous rolls is a bad strategy. The next number can't be predicted. It's not against the craps rules to watch the numbers, but it doesn't help predict rolls.

Opening Bets, Shooter, and Crapping Out

You can bet before the first roll when the game begins. Most people will bet pass or don't pass at this time, and those bets will be resolved after the roll.

  • Pass wins on 7 or 11.

  • Don't Pass wins on 2,3,12

Crapping out means placing a don't pass bet on the Come out (opening roll). Crapping out means rolling a seven on any roll other than they come out.

With these bets, you can play craps.

Pass/Fail Payouts

If the come-out number is rolled again, pass bets win. Come Out is a 6. The shooter rolls a 6 after several hits. Pass Line pays. When the shooter craps, Don't Pass bets win. The shooter only hits 7 after they come out.

  • Don't Pass Line bets pay if a shooter rolls a 7 before another 6.

Craps Online vs. Live

Physical craps involve passing the dice. The shooter changes. Online craps use a virtual or video table with a random roll. Whether bets win or lose, a new game begins.

Craps allow bets between rolls. Bet on the rolls.

Single-roll bets include the yo, a 16:1 bet on the next roll being an 11. Hop and Hardway bets. Craps rules are simple: bet on the next roll.

Don't worry about craps prop bets yet.

Craps Field Bets

Field Bets are wagers on less common numbers before the come-out is rolled again or players crap out. 2,3,4,9,10,11, and 12 pay in craps field bets. If the shooter rolls the point again or craps out, the field bet loses.

Odds, Place Bets

After the come-out roll, you can place an Odds and Place bet. The odds bet lets you add to your place bet after the point is determined. Multiples of the pass line bet are made here.

This is a basic craps strategy we've covered.

Place bets on 4,5,6,8,9,10

These bets pay if rolled before a seven is rolled. The odds of place bets increase with the rarity of the number.

Can I cancel a bet?

Pass line, don't pass, and odds bets must stand until the point comes up again or the shooter craps out.


All other craps bets are returned if the shooter doesn't crap out, rolls a point, or a number that allows them to roll again.


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