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  • Vaishnavi Saxena

Lucky 11| Best Online Casino Cheat Sheet!

Lucky11 | Best Online Casino Cheat Sheet!
Lucky11 | Best Online Casino Cheat Sheet!

Here in this article, Lucky11 online casino experts will guide you about some online gambling games and give you a direct cheat sheet. It helps you achieve, your gambling goal with limited time.

So let’s start:


As we all know how important is to use some strategies at some games, to win easily. But in this cheatsheet, I will categorize the online casino games into two parts,

CheetSheet Where Skills and Strategy Apply:

  • Caribbean Holdem

  • Let it ride

  • Pai Gow Poker

  • Blackjack

  • Spanish 21

  • Video Poker

By following these games with particular methods, strategies, and different ways you can easily implore your skill so you increase your chances to win in the following.

Just you need to study these games very well, and take guidance from experienced people who have better past experience than you.

Now the next one,

CheetSheet Where Skills and Strategy Don’t Apply:

  • Baccarat

  • Big Six

  • Keno

  • Roulette

  • Casino War

In these types of online games, you just need to make choices on the basics of luck and on your judgment. These games are just mere entertainment because no mindfulness is needed.

Yes in some games, you hear that you need skills to play wonderfully, but in the end, you get to know, it’s just a matter of flipping the coin, and you never know what's to come.


Nothing gives a guarantee to win in a following pattern, or win regularly. But getting the odds of the game, help you to understand better.

BlackJack odds:

  • Play with fewer decks

  • Play where games are going from 3 to 2.

  • Never include insurance

  • To get better cards than the dealer, try to split and double the money whenever the dealer shows the bad card on the table,

  • Hit higher numbers than dealers when they show any number from 7 to above.

Video Poker Odds:

  • To get the best odd, play maximum coins

  • Never use high cards with a pair

  • Don’t play if you have flush cards, better to keep them down.

  • Consider full play when you pay 9 for 1 in a full house game.


  • Try to play when there is a low house edge.

  • The game mostly depends on luck but still try to find better odds than other.


Playing certain games with mindfulness is important, but sometimes while playing good deals you forgot to manage your money, so lucky 11 provides you with must follow cheatsheet to manage money at casino games.

Never ask for insurance or borrow any money. Asking for money always creates the worst situation, even if you win, you do not get full, and if you lose, your financial situation gets down. SO NEVER ASK.

Always know your daily budget while playing, if you are winning also, don't play more than your budget, this will make you lose hard.

Only bet when you have enough money to play a game, some people play a long and they became so addicted to the game, they forget they don’t have enough to risk any money. If you have this uncertainty, never play.

Know when to stop, if money is the important thing, so do the time, never play in a continuous amount of time that you forgot other essential things. Always know when to stop.

No consumption of alcohol or any other kinds of illegal drinks.

Never play if you have no understanding of the game, gambling includes some luck, but never play if you have no knowledge regarding the game.


In gambling, the many must lose in order that the few may win”, said George Bernard Shaw.

It’s never on your hand when you win or when lose, but it’s your hand to play carefully and mindfully. I hope this cheat sheet helps you in some way to better your knowledge regarding the games. Join Lucky11 now for free.


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