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Lucky11| Best Betting Strategy-Advance Blackjack Tips!

Advance Blackjack Tips
Advance Blackjack Tips

Lucky11 live casino games provide you the advanced blackjack tricks for gamblers. Now that our beginner blackjack tips have arrived, it's time to move on to more advanced blackjack tips and tricks. You need to learn the doubling rule and start thinking about house strategies, as well as know about insurance. and when to give up, that's all we're going to show you. Basic strategies alone won't make you a pro, so listen up. Join Lucky11 for more tips and tricks which will make you rich in a short time using the gaming site.

Don't Be Afraid to Double Down

This is a phrase you will come across and shouldn't encounter however, different rules apply when doubling.

Double Down allows you to place an additional bet equal to your stake in exchange for an additional card. As soon as you get the third card, your hand ends automatically and you have to wait until you see the dealer's hand. allows you to double a certain sum, so remember to check the rules first.

Knowing when to turn is key! If a dealer shows a bad first card (a 5 or 6) and you show a 9, a 10-value card could be a problem.

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