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  • Vaishnavi Saxena

Lucky11 | 3 Online Casino Betting Strategies to Win

3 Online Casino Betting Strategies to Win
3 Online Casino Betting Strategies to Win

Betting is always something that doesn’t reveal the prior result before you get into it. People took guidance, studied books, and worked on their methods. Still, there is no proof that any of these give them a guarantee to win consistently.

But it also doesn’t mean, that all these strategies and techniques are useless.

Without knowledge, no game would be worthwhile, not even a single chance.

That’s why Lucky11 online casino gives 3 proven Strategies that increase your chance of winning online gambling games.


The standard and popular strategy being followed in these live casino games are to use 2% or even less of the actual money. This is also called Betting less than your Bankroll.

For example, if you have 10000 rupees, spend 2% of the whole money on a single game, i.e 200 rupees. This strategy helps you to minimize the risk at a greater level and gives you a space to play mindfully with less money.

But the only disadvantage is that 2% is always likely to have a minimal number that plays in the betting. It shouldn’t be too less, that even if your win you get nothing in your hand.


Another profound strategy for Baccarat Bankers includes three important factors, that’s the banker hand, the player hand, and the tie bet. In this strategy, you always need to work or involve a banker's hand.

What’s this mean?

It simply means, the banker hand always provides a house edge of 1.06%, and there are very few online casinos or betting games that provide lower than this percentile. So you get some guarantee to win.

And you don’t need to work on other strategies more, because according to this every time you have to bet on the same thing.


Value betting is a strategy that maximizes your chance to get more value out of a particular situation. To be said more clearly, it means you have to spot a situation where you find one favorable condition, and you are likely to bet on it, so you win.

Value betting primarily works when you study the game more often, you know different techniques and other methods.

The benefit you will get with value betting is in the long-term, every time you play, you learn something, and when you actually got one favorable condition, bet on it.


There are many other strategies too, that you can use to increase your chance to win in this online betting world.

Some of them are;

  • Forecasting

  • Open pricing

  • Taking craps odd

But any of these strategies never guarantee to win fully in any online betting game. These strategies just give you a simple way to look in a specific direction and win easily.

Lucky 11, the trusted online platform to play casino and sports betting gives you a space to bet mindfully while using the strategies and win highly. Join now for free.


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