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Lucky11| The History of Most Played online Casino Game

Lucky11 Baccarat History
Baccarat History

When it comes to live casino games, baccarat is the most famous online casino game worldwide. Lucky11 online casino streams a lot of live baccarat tables under the evolution casino. Baccarat has been around for 100 hundred years.

The History of Baccarat

Back in the day, baccarat games were known as Pai Gow and this game was played in China from 960 to 1260 BCE during Song Dynasty. Those days the game was played with tiles instead of cards. The meaning of Pai Gow means makes 9 which is the birth of baccarat.

The game becomes popular in Italy when the famous traveler Marco Polo brings the game back to Italy after his China visit. In the 15th century Rome. the game was named "Baccara" which means 0 because all the face cards and all the 10's value at 0. A French traveler brought the game to England which quickly gained popularity and the game slowly spread all around the world.

Things have gotten easier since the internet era has taken over, the rules of baccarat can be online and in Lucky11 there are a lot of baccarat tips and tricks to learn. Join Lucky11 online casino now to play baccarat and walk away with a 100% deposit bonus.

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