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Arcade video games and esports betting in Lucky11!

How could we miss console games and video games? Any games from any device computer, laptop, tab, mobile phone, Xbox or PlayStation u name it. Lucky11 provides a betting game side that is dedicated only to console and video games.

Arcade video game

Video games are playing a huge part in the gaming industry. With all the latest console devices such as PS5 and Xbox Series X, many new games have been bought in the gaming industry. Games such as CS: GO has been in the heart of player for almost a decade. CS: GO was available to the public on August 21, 2012. There are so many professional players all around the world who are experts in various games. Each year major tournaments will be held all around the world and participating amount of players is a crazing lot.

Types of games that are available in Lucky11

There are about 25 major games are available for betting in Lucky, and we will list the most played games in Lucky11 game arcade

  1. CS: GO

  2. DATA 2




These are the most common games that are hosted in the Lucky11 video gaming arcade.

The player can choose their favorite team and place the best for them.



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