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Lucky11| Top 3 Reasons Why Online Casinos Blocks Your Account

 Reasons Why Online Casinos Blocks Your Account
Reasons Why Online Casinos Blocks Your Account

If you play at Lucky11 online casino and if your account has been banned, the moment you log in, a notification pops up. On other websites, you will see a notification about your ban when you try to load a game or deposit/withdraw money. Banned players will also receive an email informing them that their gambling account is banned. Lucky11 online casino tends to immediately tell gamblers if their account is blocked when they try to access it. Operators also justify banning an account or keeping a player's funds in their virtual vaults via notifications or email. Mild cases generally allow a player to recover their account, while severe cases permanently delete an account. Today we will look into the top 3 reasons for account banning in Lucky11.

Too Many Login Attempts

One of the instances where suspending an account protects a player's funds is when someone continues to log in using their account details. Online casinos have a security feature that detects numerous login attempts for a given account, which are usually hackers trying to crack the password.

Fortunately, players can contact support to reactivate their accounts when this happens. Banning an account after an attempted attack is a wake-up call to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account to protect it from hackers.

Fake Accounts

One person can have only 1 account in Lucky11. The system can identify if someone is using multiple accounts by using the IP address. Those who have forgotten the user id and password can always contact the Lucky11 customer service team to retrieve their account back by just doing some simple verification.

Bonus Harvesting

Lucky11 online casino gave away a lot of bonuses and rewards for their player. Some people tend to apply for multiple bonuses and take advantage of the rewards. Please note that casinos encourage players to refer their friends and family, even anyone with the same IP address. Multiple accounts on one IP address are allowed as long as only one player claims the bonus among other casino customers in the same household.

If your account has been banned for no reason, you can always contact Lucky11 customer service and get help from them to retrieve your account back.

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