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Lucky11 | 3 Rules in Playing Online Roulette You Must Know!

Lucky11| 3 Rules in Playing Online Roulette You Must Know!
Lucky11| 3 Rules in Playing Online Roulette You Must Know!

One of the most intriguing online casino games, Roulette is played all across the world. And the best part of this game is, that even small bets can lead to a huge payoff. This helps both experienced as well as new players to win well.

The rules of roulette are very simple. All you have to do is understand the type of bet you are going to make, choose a roulette game variant and get to work. You can then place your preferred bet and take advantage of your bet.

Whether you play roulette online or in person, follow these 3 important rules provided by Lucky11 live casino experts to follow.

Be familiar with different roulette types

Roulette is a game having several variants a player can choose from. There are a few popular variants that include: American, French, Russian, and mini Roulette. They all have a different theme and slightly differ in their rules and regulations. The players can choose the Roulette according to their preferences.

However, we recommend you play European Roulette because it offers a statistical house edge of 2.63%.

Comprehend different bets

In Roulette, you can place two kinds of bets: Inside and Outside. They vary in odds and payouts via even money up to 35:1.

As the name suggests, inside bets are placed inside the table and offer high payouts. However, the winning chances are less in inside payouts than outside payouts but you can bet a high amount.

Outside bets are the coverups for the remainder at the Roulette table. Outside bets help to earn more and increase your winning chances.

Be careful with the size of bets

The bet size depends on the size of your bankroll and the total time you can bet on the wheel. A typical roulette game offers about 40 spins per hour. For this reason, you should aim for around 3x that number (around 120 spins), especially if you plan to play for a long time.

Lucky11 is one of the best online casino websites having several games including Roulette. Begin your gambling journey with Lucky11 and earn big with exciting rewards!


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